World Cycle Decals


World Cycle Decals was created by an expert frame restorer in 2011 in response to the difficulties he had in obtaining good quality, authentic decals and transfers from existing suppliers.

Starting in 2010, he had graphics files and reproduction decals created for his own use, representing a significant financial investment, and he decided to market them in response to the demand that was there for product not available from other suppliers.  There was therefore much unique product – and there would still be more unique product if the graphic designer had not used the files to set up a competing business.  We sincerely hope that you will buy from us and we will guarantee you a better deal.

Most of our decals are printed on very thin vinyl as preferred by most professional classic bike frame refinishers.  They are durable and UV resistant, however, we do recommend applying them prior to clear-coat when a frame is being refinished, otherwise cover them with spray varnish as sold in many model shops.  There is more information on decal application in our catalogue website.