Applying New Decals

July 11, 2013

Occasionally we get asked for a bit more information on applying our decals, so we have added a page HERE with a more detailed explanation of the steps involved.  We would be delighted to hear from you if you find any little tricks that help you do the job better or more easily and if you encounter any problems that we may be able to help you with.

Gazelle Champion Mondial DecalsAt last World Cycle Decals has added a set of Gazelle decals to the catalogue.  These are for the classic Champion Mondial frames from this famous Dutch bicycle manufacturer, and the set includes the chainstay decals for the different frame types that were produced.

Initially we are just showing the one colour combination, but the many other combinations will be made available as customers request them.

We will also be producing them with integrated seat tube decal panel and will add the earlier style block letter Champion Mondial text for the top tube.

We expect to see these decals on some beautifully renovated bikes in the near future. NOTE: Let us know if you are interested in the Amstel Bier decals as used on the team bikes instead of the Champion Mondial decals.  We are lucky to have access to one of Gert-Jan Theunisse’s Amstel Bier team bikes and could copy the decals if there is a demand.

Colnago Conic Decal SetWe are developing the best range of reproduction Colnago decals   There is a whole lot of work in progress, but here is an early result – a complete set of decals for a Colnago, including the Columbus ‘Conic’ frame decals.  For many reasons, Colnago is one of the most sought-after classic bike brands with excellent original and restored examples worldwide.  World Cycle decals is committed to supporting the restoration of these fine classic bikes, so please watch this space as we introduce more fine decal / transfer sets.

Rory O'Brien Track FrameWe have added two new sets of Rory O’Brien decals – the differences being the head and seat tube transfers, representing different eras.  Rory O’Brien produced some very fine frames, very nicely built, and I think is not very well known in classic cycling circles.  There is a very nice example of his work on the Classic Lightweights UK website.  Atlantic Boulevard, in Bury, Lancashire, England recently renovated a very attractive Rory O’Brien track frame in its original colours with a set of our decals on it, shown here.  You can now buy these decals from eBay or from our website.

Gios Professional Decals/TransfersWorld Cycle Decals is very pleased to add new Gios Professional transfers/decals to the range.  These classic bikes were often colored ‘Gios Blue’ with White panels for the Gios Torino decals, bit the reverse combination was very popular as well – White frames with Blue panels, so we have reproduced the decals for this variant too.  We also have these decals without the Blue Panels for those who prefer to paint the panels or who want to reproduce the variation without panels.  The Gios Torino text is available in White ot Black to suit any colour frame or panels.  We have also introduced a new Gios Compact decal set with White lettering and ‘Compact’ in White in a Black surround.

Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix DecalsWe have been busy adding more Raleigh transfers to our catalogue, including the very attractive Lenton Grand Prix decal set from the late 1950s.  We have not been forgetting later models either with 2 sets of Raleigh Europa decals – they are the same except that one includes a black panel for the seat tube, whereas the other contains separate decals to accommodate a painted panel on the seat tube.  We are just introducing a variant of this set for the Team Raleigh Record, similar to the Europa but with Record decals in place of Europa.

New Bianchi Decals

April 18, 2013

Bianchi decal transfer setBianchi is one of the most illustrious bicycle manufacturers in the whole world, with a reputation extending far beyond their native Italy.  They are of course particularly remembered for their sponsorship of Fausto Coppi and his great catalogue of victories astride a classic Celeste machine, but their achievements stretch far beyond that, both in racing and in their manufacture of more utilitarian machines.  We have recently added a couple of new sets of reproduction Bianchi decals to our catalogue and more are planned – including for later carbon frames.  Most of our range is for steel and aluminium frames, but we are not forgetting that cyclists want to renovate their carbon frames too and we are committed to helping them with the correct decals.

Bianchi Reparto Corse FrameHere is a rather grotty Bianchi that is, as best we can tell, a 1986/7 Bianchi Reparto Corse product in Celeste with Black fork and stays just like Moreno Argentin’s World Championship winning Bianchi.  Apart from that, there are some slight differences from the World Champ bike – namely very minor differences in the decals and Gipiemme rather than Campagnolo dropouts.

We have created a set of these decals and the frame is off to Atlantic Boulevard for a complete renovation.  The frame itself is very sound – just that the finish is showing the signs of its hard life in the hands of a hard racer.  But then, that is what racing bikes are for!  Racing bikes are tools, albeit beautiful tools, to do a job.  When their job is done, we can lovingly restore them and enjoy them in a whole new way.  The owner is looking to build this up with Campagnolo C-Record with Cobalto brakes – awesome! This classic frame will get a whole new lease of life.

DeRosa_SET_11TWe have recently added a whole range of new sets of De Rosa decals/transfers to our catalogue.  De Rosa is one of the premier Italian bicycle manufacturers and has built the bikes of many a champion, and it is good to see so many of these fine machines cared for and restored.  We are committed to providing the best reproduction decals for De Rosa frames and are always looking to expand and improve our range.  The De Rosa King X Light will be coming soon as well for those want to renovate one of these magnificent carbon frames.

CoppiDTHere is a taster of a new set we are adding for early 1960s Coppi bikes.  These decals have previously  been unobtainable, so that many of these fine bicycles have been improperly finished. Now you have an opportunity to rectify that.

This is a preliminary image of the Down Tube decal currently being developed.  It is integrated with a contrasting white panel, but if you want to apply separate decals to a painted panel, we can arrange to supply those too.

These Coppi bicycles were built by Fiorelli who started building Coppi-branded bikes in the late 1950s.  The earlier ones are recognizable by the medallions in the side of the fork crown showing the classic Coppi emblem, similar to the one in the middle of this down tube decal.  This set will go on the market in early 2013.