Early 1960s Coppi Decals / Transfers

December 18, 2012

CoppiDTHere is a taster of a new set we are adding for early 1960s Coppi bikes.  These decals have previously  been unobtainable, so that many of these fine bicycles have been improperly finished. Now you have an opportunity to rectify that.

This is a preliminary image of the Down Tube decal currently being developed.  It is integrated with a contrasting white panel, but if you want to apply separate decals to a painted panel, we can arrange to supply those too.

These Coppi bicycles were built by Fiorelli who started building Coppi-branded bikes in the late 1950s.  The earlier ones are recognizable by the medallions in the side of the fork crown showing the classic Coppi emblem, similar to the one in the middle of this down tube decal.  This set will go on the market in early 2013.


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