Rory O'Brien Downtube DecalWelcome to the new website of World Cycle Decals.  We are still building this site, but please browse what is here and visit our Decals Catalogue website where you can see all our products and visit our eBay shop too.

In a short period of time World Cycle Decals has become the premier manufacturer and supplier of bicycle decals (also known as transfers or stickers) for the renovation and restoration of vintage, classic and contemporary bicycle frames.

We are staffed by people who are passionate about bicycles and about the product (unlike some of those who copied us), and some of the photographs on this website are of our own bicycles

BicycleDecals.netMercier Head Tube Decal

Bicycledecals.net is probably the first bicycle decals/transfers website where you could see pictures of our whole product range – since imitated by others.  We have a very simple ordering and payment system and typically ship product within 3 business days of receipt of order – often the same day.  Please click on this link to see our whole range: http://bicycledecals.net/

eBay Shop: Bicycle Decals ltd

We sell on eBay under user ID bicycledecalsltd.  We are unable to show our whole stock on eBay, but there is a very good selection there and some bargains to be had too.

Please ask if you do not find what you want on BicycleDecals.net or from bicycledecalsltd on eBay.  We are constantly adding to our catalogue and may have what you want already under way.